Everything we know we learned from TV

by the Outfit

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The first band in the history of punk rock to record a 14 track debut EP some 25-years after the songs were written between 1987-1991.

A punk rock album of eclectic tunes inspired by many UK, US and Aussie punk | post-punk bands and traditional hard rock n roll written when we were stoner party animal kids.

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released August 8, 2014

The band. Ed Browne, Matt Skiba, Noah Grosz, Matti Harrod and Mike Browne.



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the Outfit Prahran, Australia

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Track Name: The Forgotten
I will do it your way and I’ll win
I will do it your way, let me in
I will do it your way and I’ll win
I will do it your way,
Let me in

Send three roses for another duel
Send three roses, sweat 'n pride for fuel
Send three roses for the ones lost MIA
Send three roses,
Child lost today

No one ever loses and no one ever wins
No one ever loses the will to die or live
No one ever loses the things they have not found
No one ever loses,
But I’m hell-bound
I’m hell-bound
Track Name: Bury Me Alive
Your skin is cold and white, my love, yeah
And you know your heart it beats no more.
Lay in a state as you await
This is the cue for the start of the rise and fall...

My girl you’re gone, why did you die?
Coz you’re the one on this crucifix, high
Pray in hate as you await
And slowly sip your cocktail cyanide

You’re so close in this dark room
And sometimes you know you make me feel
Like you’re alive and like you’re dead
Is this surreal or is it the end?

Bury me alive
Lay me by your side
Track Name: Back to '76
Walking around the streets of Melbourne
There’s still people shouting punk’s not dead
We are the forgotten generation, the voice of reborn youth
Punks are people who’ve kept the faith and you know what to do
Tell those ignorant fucking wankers that punk is your attitude

The honest views of punk remain, the views of love, the feelings of hate
And no matter what the ignorant say
Punk is alive and here to stay
Punks are people that unite together,
Destroy the system and we’ll live forever
So what if chaos prevails, punk is united and anarchy won’t fail

Because the scene’s not really gone (fuck no)
You only think its dead (punk’s not dead)
It’s time to resurrect it (fuck yeah)
Back to 76. Oi!
Track Name: Wishing Well
Surgical steel, cold as all hell
Drop another dollar down the wishing well
Frozen bolts of lightning, sure you can tell
Drop another dollar down the wishing well

A cold cold wind runs the witches spell
Got no more money for the wishing well
A burning hot sweat, my body will tell
Drop another dollar down the wishing well

Well my baby’s gone, she’s got the spell
Down with my money in the wishing well
Burning hot sweats, my body will tell
Drop another dollar down the wishing well

For you the bells toll
Ring across the land…

I wish you well
Track Name: Bad Girls go to Hell
You left without a trace
All I can remember is the smile on your face
You said that you don’t care
Well you sucked out all my love
And now my heart is bare

There’s a place in my heart for you
But it don’t seem to matter what I say or do
And I can tell
You’re the one for me
But you think our love can never be

Well you can take my heart
But don’t you take my soul
My mind is gone and my body is growing old
And if you’re the one to burn in hell
Then please make sure you take me there as well

Bad girls go to Hell,
Alright, you go to Hell
Track Name: Pran Pigs
You’ve got no hope if you live in Prahran
The cops are worse than the cops in Iran
Like a Jew in Germany in ‘43, you got no hope they’ll never let you be
They’ll smash you, beat you, fuck up your face
They’re anything but legal, they’re a fucking disgrace

Walking down the street with just one can
Up comes a copper, he’s a real ‘big man’
Beat you all over chuck you to the ground
Into a divvy then off to the pound
A regulation beating with a telephone book
No right of complaint, he’ll get off the hook

Prahran Pigs, Prahran Pigs
Take off your badge and gun (get fucked)
Prahran Pigs, Prahran Pigs
Then we’ll see who’ll fucking run...
Track Name: Cheap Regret
It’s not an easy walk to freedom
But it’s an easy walk to death
Don’t walk away from things that you love
There’s no room for cheap regret

There’s a long road to heaven
And a real short road to hell
When you stab the one you hate
I will never tell

There’s blood as thick as lead
Blood as thick as water
We will unite when under attack
And unite when we slaughter

It’s an idle run with apathy
A real hard road to unite
We will smash the system
Uphold the right

I will never tell you
No cheap regret
Track Name: Crystal Ball
I look down the road, a mile so long
The crystal ball shatters on a world gone wrong
A new sun in Heaven, a baby is born
And the old man dies in the tempest of a storm

I look at the sky, I see a day so blue
Think no ending misery, nothing but doom
I think there is happiness
Be happy being alive
But another tear falls when another human dies

Well I look at my dream and I dream I can cope
There is freedom in Eden and Eden means hope
A new day will dawn, a God up high
Defy the men who control the control you defy

And we still, we say we’re together
And we will, we will I say
We all fall apart

I look at my life, what is it for
I have asked myself this question before
Look at the writing on the wall, it's gonna shatter
And the Earth is going to shatter
Like a tiny crystal ball
Into a million tiny pieces
Track Name: Broken Pride
Oh what a feeling obnoxious and arrogant
From the blind I’m stealing and like hell I’ll repent
No mercy given to the innocent
Nothing is gained, all is spent

There’s no resistance anymore
To the dead I’m calling don’t ignore
Hell on earth before our time
Global destruction seems like a lie

Defend our freedom of rebellion
Stories get told, wars we compete
Defy the lies, amass intelligence
There’s coming of a time we win from defeat

Oh, then she died
Caught in political suicide
Oh and then she died
Caught in political suicide
My Broken Pride
Track Name: Give us a say
Here I sit drinking my dole, popping my pills
And smoking my dope
Yeah I’m a punk, and I got no job coz of the way that I look

No-one at all will give me a go
Even though I got a fucking HSC
The government say its coz of my hair
And my violent clothes that I got no hope

I’ll still be a punk in ten years time,
If I survive on the lousy dole
Boring days with no TV, no electricity and drinking cheap wine
All I’ll have is me mates, and drugs,
And the will to destroy the fucked up, shitty asshole government

Come on government give the youth of today a fucking say
We’ll go on.....on and on
Track Name: Jonnie
Another bash from another cop, it’s just another day
Come and smash our squat, doesn’t matter what you fuck’n say
You’ll never trust cops again whether you’re a punk, a skin or not
They will kick you in the fucking head
Beat you ‘til you drop

Jonnie’s left home, he’s got no place to go
Wandering the streets, a punk on his own.
Dreams of a future gone up in smoke
Life in a squat wasn’t lending much hope
There’s nothing for him to do but shoot-up his dole,
Pop his prescribed pills and smoke his dope
One day the cops came and smashed up his home
They flinched his things, then left him alone
The next day they did return, they beat him up and ignored his groans
They kicked him in the head,
They kicked and kicked until the fucker was dead
Track Name: Nuclear Sky
The night is grey, the sky is cold, the moon is full, full of blood
Nuclear creatures stalk the city, destroy all life, kill without pity
Murder and mayhem, inconsiderate hate,
Re-write the Bible to change human fate
A lust for pillage is human desire
The cities all crumble, blitzed with fire

The sun is white, the wind is a chill, the moon is red, a look's gonna kill
Human creatures are melted, deformed,
Murder existence, end mortal spawn
Corpses crumble, litter the ground
A testament of genocide has been found
The masses of death become your wife
A drop of a bomb ends your life

Nuclear sky, it’s time, nuclear sky, you’ll die

Frustration, destruction, we fuck the world,
The bomb will drop to kill us all
Murder my love, slice my soul,
The existence of Earth is now a black hole
Track Name: Did you see the man?
Did you see the man, with a black rose in his hand, in a white suit and tie?
Did you wonder what he was doing, can you see him running?
Or did you see him cry?

Did you see the man, with a crucifix in his hand, high from above?
Do you know what he does, can he really fly?
Or does he love?

Well did you see the man, and can you understand God?
God he’s watching you
Did you think he’s living?
He knows you're dying
One of the chosen few

Do you read the paper, listen to the news, beg, steal or borrow?
Or will you waste a moment, waiting, hoping, waiting
For tomorrow?
Track Name: The Traveller
Well as I sit here waiting, anticipating, what’s going to blow
Blow up in my mind....
My heart starts to race, I lose faith, breakdown to my knees
And I start to cry…
Well I’ve got two choices, to live or die
And sometimes, all the time, you wonder why not suicide.... Why not suicide?

And if my life shatters, nothing matters, coz if it did, you know
That it’d be unkind....
I get comfort from the thought that there is no after-life, all I know is
Is that it’s not quite time to fly
My screams turn to laughter while I look after, the empty memories
The empty memories deep inside

When my imagination’s at its best I’ll never rest, and I’ll search for new answers
You know I’ll fucking never find, you know somehow I’ll never find
And when I think of death I don’t forget, what they told me in Church,
What they told me was a lie
And to myself I confess I’m depressed, they’re gonna hang me
They’re gonna hang me without being tried